Katadyn Group

Almost daily, we read in the media about accidents and disasters. It always seems that it happens to somebody else, but you, too, may suddenly find yourself exposed to floods, chemical accidents, power outages, or other hazards. Once the emergency has occurred, it will be too late to take any extensive precautions to control the damage. But appropriate planning will enable you to be prepared to face emergency situations. Our specially assembled Emergency Food packs have been designed to support you in this effort.

One of the most important precautionary measures we must take for emergencies is to ensure that we have enough food to eat in case of a supply crisis. Continuing our dietary habits is decisive especially in times of crisis. Far-sighted people therefore stock their own personal emergency food supplies. Our Emergency Food packs guarantee optimal nutrition when times get rough.

The packs have been selected and put together on the basis of stringent nutritional science criteria. They focus on a balanced range of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and dietary fiber that are crucial for survival. We only use top-grade dehydrated and freeze-dried specialty foods for our emergency food. The foods are mildly seasoned and particularly suited also for infants and children as well as elderly persons.

All packs cover the needs of one person for a period of 30, 90, or 365 days. We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 15 years. All cans are of the ring-pull type and can be reclosed with plastic lids.