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500 packages of Trek'n Eat biscuits for disaster response

June 06, 2013

Trek'n Eat food for emergencies

The nonprofit relief organization @fire Internationalen Katastrophenschutz e.V. (@fire International Disaster Response Inc.) is delighted about a special donation: Katadyn Germany is supporting the organization with 500 packages of Trek'n Eat biscuits. The Trekking Biscuits aren’t really a sweet treat for volunteers to nibble on. In fact, they are an essential between-meal snack for rescue teams all over the world during often complicated and arduous assignments.  

“These biscuits will be used as emergency meals for our teams that are operating remotely outside of our camps. Our people have to be highly mobile, but they are often under high stress. Often, it’s simply ill advised to grab a snack near crisis areas at the next available street stand or mobile food cart with ‘local’ goods. These biscuits are superb light snacks between meals. They are lightweight, nutritious and don’t spoil either – exactly what we need for emergency operations,” said Jan Südmersen, @fire chairman.  

Members of the relief organization @fire, which was founded in 2002, volunteer their efforts and receive no pay. They move quickly and offer professional international aid in devastating disasters, particularly in fighting wildfires and performing earthquake rescue operations. “Sometimes it’s just the small, seemingly trivial things that in serious situations are essential and that can provide huge help. We are excited to support @fire with this delivery of Trek’n Eat Trekking biscuits,” said Stefanie Dietrich, managing director of Katadyn Deutschland GmbH.  

The partnership between Katadyn and @fire International Disaster Response isn’t a new one. In 2010, Katadyn offered support to a 22-person response team for relief operations in Haiti with 300 Trek’n Eat meals and water treatment products.  

More information about @fire is available at http://at-fire.de/. For more about Katadyn products used around the globe for water treatment, go to www.katadyn.com. For information about Trek'n Eat meals that also are used in crisis areas, go to www.trekneat.com.

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