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Kemptthal-based Katadyn Group receives regional development award

May 30, 2013

Katadyn-CEO Trix Ammann explains the company's products in use

Katadyn-CEO Trix Ammann explains the company's products in use

Just days before the Katadyn Group held the grand opening for its new Headquarters, it was conferred the annual development grant of the area township of Illnau-Effretikon, Lindau and Kyburg. The honor is given annually to an enterprise for its extraordinary contributions to economic development. Chairman Adrian Schmassmann and CEO Trix Ammann were delighted to accept the grant endowed with  7,000 Swiss francs that was generously increased by the Lindau township to 10,000 Swiss francs. “We hope to pay back these advance laurels in the next few years in the form of jobs and taxes,“ said Adrian Schmassmann in receiving the award at company headquarters. Government officials from the area township expressed their confidence they had selected the correct candidate for the prize.  

Money received will be used to benefit the indigenous peoples of the remote Chiapas region in southeastern Mexico. In cooperation with Mexican partner Bio Derivados, plus the government organization Sedesol and the Mexican Department of Health, the Katadyn Group has outfitted households in the Chiapas region with water filters since 2007. The disease and mortality rate has clearly dropped in the last few years due to this. With 10,000 Swiss francs, another 70 to 80 families will be able to receive a Katadyn Drip gravity filter.


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