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Optimus Vega Gas Stove now available

January 16, 2013

New: Optimus Vega Gas Stove

The new Optimus Vega Gas Stove is now available at retail. The Vega is a high performing lightweight remote canister stove with integrated 4 season mode. It offers users two options for cooking: The efficiency mode is ideal for carefully controlled simmering. If a higher cooking capacity is needed, or if outdoor temperatures are particularly low, the integrated four-season mode is applied. The gas canister can be upended with a flick of the wrist, switching the stove to the liquid gas mode. The support legs are integrated in the valve housing and merely need to be extended. We are pleased to offer a stove in the form of the Optimus Vega that closes the gap between the technically often demanding gasoline stoves and the gas burners, which can only be used to a limited extent at subzero temperatures. In a stove test carried out by “Alpin” – a German magazine – the Optimus Vega was rated “excellent.”  Click here to get a look at the Optimus Vega product video.

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