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What’s New for the Perfect Outdoor Cooking Experience

July 10, 2012

What’s New for the Perfect Outdoor Cooking Experience

Smart, safe, and satisfyingly tasteful products from the Swiss Katadyn Group at Germany’s 2012 OutDoor trade show.

The Katadyn Group will unveil several new products at the OutDoor trade show in Germany’s Friedrichshafen from July 12-15, including the Optimus VEGA stove, but all are sure to make the hearts of discriminating outdoor cooks beat faster. Along with that, the Trek’n Eat brand from the Katadyn Group will launch two tasty new fish meals.

Sinking temperatures and harsher weather conditions often push camp stoves to the limits of their capacity. Fuel no longer vaporizes properly and its performance declines markedly. It is exactly in such situations that the new Optimus VEGA Stove rises successfully to the occasion. Just invert the separate cartridge that is connected to the stove with a hose, and pull out the pedestal base integrated into the fuel control valve. Fuel is now fed to the stove in liquid form rather than gas. This integrated 4 Season Mode increases cooking performance while also decreasing cook times by approximately 20 percent. This mode can also be used if the cartridge is nearly empty or if particularly fast cook times are demanded due to time constraints.

Perfectly suited to the Optimus VEGA stove are the new fish delights by Trek’n Eat.  The specialist in freeze-dried outdoor and expedition meals is further expanding its menu with a Mediterranean Fish Stew with Rice and a Red Fish Curry. Anybody who likes to get out into nature with a tent and sleeping bag, prefers to carry less weight, and knows that the best camping spots can be far away from the closest store should be sure not to miss these tasty, complete meals. These dishes by Trek’n Eat all offer calorie counts of approximately 600 per package and  will satisfy higher energy demands of athletic activities. Like all products from Trek’n Eat, the new fish dishes contain neither artificial colors nor preservatives nor added flavor enhancers, and all carry the „All Natural“ label from Trek’n Eat.

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