Katadyn Group

Strong Results In Difficult Economic Times

June 29, 2012

Despite difficult economic conditions, 2011 goes down as a successful year in the history of the Katadyn Group. Due to the strength of the Swiss Franc, sales for the group sank by 4.4 percent despite sales increases in local currencies. However, thanks to targeted measures to increase productivity and to optimise material sourcing, operating profits reached 17 percent or nearly the same level as the previous year.

Among regional wholly owned subsidiaries, Katadyn North America Inc. in particular recorded an impressive growth of approximately 28 percent in local currency. The main driver for the growth in the North American market was online business, which has been able to reach customer audiences that earlier were not accessible. Notably among them are the Survival Preparedness Groups that actively work to prepare for their general self-sufficiency in the case of emergencies, both social and political. The demand for emergency stockpiling of food and products has also increased strongly in Central Europe.

The new business arena for industrial water treatment using UV light has developed positively, and the company expects further growth. This area has already contributed strongly to the group’s positive financial results.


Forecast for 2012

The Katadyn Group has begun the 2012 FY strongly, with positive signs in all markets. Strong demand for Katadyn water filters, as well as for Trek’n Eat meals and Emergency Food packs continues. Additional sales volume is placing high demands on company logistics with detailed planning and flexibility needed as usual. The new building for company headquarters under construction in Kemptthal near Zürich will be ready to move in as of Fall 2012. The modern production facility there is an investment in the future of The Katadyn Group and will help cover increased demands.

With higher product demand, the new headquarters in Kemptthal as well as overall continually improved manufacturing, The Katadyn Group will be able to move forward optimistically even in light of economic difficulties. Katadyn is convinced it is well-positioned for strategic success and that it will also continue to show positive gains in the coming years.


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