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A young woman and the sea

December 20, 2011

Almost 3500 nautical miles lie between Portimao, Portugal and her destination in the Caribbean, which translates into about 6500 direct kilometers. They are linked at the ends by the North Equatorial Current, which flushes its flotsam westward between 10° and 20° northern latitude at a surface velocity of about 0.5 knots. 34-year-old Janice from Germany has set herself the goal of crossing this rough patch with her rowing boat in order to do something to protect the seas. She set out for her adventurous Atlantic crossing on November 23, 2011. You can track the adventures of this plucky young lady on her riveting blog. Janice produces her drinking water with a Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40 E. In emergencies, it can also be operated by hand. In collaboration with outdoorfoodshop.de, Trek´n Eat and Peronin are also on board. You will find up-to-date photos and information at www.rowforsilence.com.

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