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Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team to use Peronin in Volvo Ocean Race

October 03, 2014

The Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team started  the Volvo Ocean Race on Oct. 4. The sailing regatta takes place every three years and takes teams from the harbor of Alicante, Spain, around the world in approximately nine months. Due to wind and weather conditions, it is considered of the toughest challenges in sailing sports. The Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team has already relied in its training on the complete nutrition of Peronin, which was developed especially for the high demands of performance sports. “We found Peronin to be a great product during our training period in Portugal when trying to push up the calorie-count of the sailors food-bags. Any product that is minimal on space and weight compared to its fat/calorie/nutritional benefits is ideal obviously for boats. It particularly had its place during very rough weather when cooking becomes too difficult - and it's in these scenarios that we'll mainly be using Peronin during the race,” says Alexandra Wardall, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team member.

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